Shawnee Warclub

Shawnee Warclub
Purportly gifted to British Major-General Isaac Brock
by Chief Tecumseh during the War of 1812.


Mummy of an Egyptian Child of the Greco-Roman
Era, c. 50 bce-150 ce, associated cartonnage,
and x-rays of whole body and head.
Late 18th century Naskapi Coat.
Collected before 1805 by fur trader
Theophilus Yale of Saint Andre Quebec.

1870's Quilled Warshirt belonging to North
Cheyenne warrior "White Powder" who was
a participant in the Custer battle of 1876.


Museums of Reference

1. Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2. Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art New York City, New York, USA
3. Houston Fine Art Museum , Houston, Texas, USA
4. Indiana State Children’s Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
5. Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
6. Mutter Museum, Philadelphia, USA
7. Mashan Pequot Museum & Research Center Mashantuckes
8. The Rooms Museum, St. John, NFLD, Canada
9. Michael C. Carlos Museum, Atlanta, Georgia


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